Richmond Bat Removal

Richmond Bat Removal and Bat Control Experts can get rid of bats in attic, bats in chimneys, bats in the house and provide solutions to all types of Virginia bat problems and bat infestations. Richmond Bat Removal is becoming a more common problem in the metropolitan areas of Richmond County including the areas of Montrose, Highland Springs, East Highland Park, Bon Air, Warwick, Bensley, and Dumbarton.

Richmond Bat Removal requires specialty equipment that often includes man lifts and other high reaching platforms. Bat cleanup also requires specialized equipment including state of the art vacuum systems that are designed specifically for the removal of bat guano from attic areas of homes and buildings. This vacuum system allows for safe removal of Bat guano and prevents any guano particulates from contaminating other areas of the home.

Richmond Bats in the Attic

There are several different methods of Bat Removal from your Richmond VA home and attic. One such method is called bat exclusion and is done by sealing up the home. Once the attic is sealed and all possible entry points have been eliminated, the Richmond VA bat removal experts will place a bat exclusion tube in the proper location to allow any bats in the attic to leave and return to their natural habitat. The attic sealing and the one way door will keep the bats from possibly returning. This is the most efficient way to handle a Richmond VA Bat Removal.

The most common call we get in the spring and summer months is for the Bat Removal of bats in the attic in Richmond Virginia. Bats in the attic are a very serious problem that should be taken care of as soon as they are discovered. You need a professional bat exclusion performed in your Richmond VA area home. Once the bats have been eliminated from the attic, you should have your attic professionally cleaned and vacuumed.

Richmond VA Bat guano cleanup

Bat guano cleanup needs to be done after the bat exclusion has been performed and the structure has been sealed up for several days. Bat guano cleanups can be done several different ways and there are only a few companies in Richmond VA that know how to remove bat guano safely and have the proper equipment to do so.

You should have any bat guano cleaned up for health and sanitary purposes. Bats are a wonderful animal to have around your home, just not in your home! Call to schedule a bat inspection today from a Richmond Bat Removal expert today! Richmond VA Wildlife Removal and Control.