Experts at Bat Control, Bat Removal, Bat Guano Cleanup and Bat Exclusion in Richmond, VA and surrounding areas.

Richmond VA Bat Removal, Bat Control Bats in Attic

Animal Control Solutions of Richmond Virginia provides complete Bat Removal and Bat Control services throughout Richmond and surrounding Central Virginia areas.  We have been providing Virginia residents with safe humane bat removal service for over 20 years.  If you have discovered bats in attic, or found a bat in your home we are the ones to call. Rest assured we have the experience and knowledge to handle all sorts of bat problems throughout Richmond, Virginia!

We provide complete humane bat removal services throughout the areas of Richmond and surrounding counties such as Henrico, Hanover, Powhatan, New Kent, Charles City, Chesterfield, and Goochland, VA.  Some of the cities services by Animal Control Solutions include Montrose, Short Pump, Mechanicsville, Ashland, Ruther Glen, Highland Springs, East Highland Park, Bon Air, Warwick, Bensley, Midlothian and Dumbarton Virginia are a just a few areas serviced. Call us today for Humane Bat Removal in your Central Virginia location. We are experts in Bat Control, Bat Removal and Bat exclusions. In addition to removing bats from homes and attics, we will make necessary repairs to prevent bat reentry and cleanup all bat guano left behind by these pests. If these pest have damaged your insulation we do that too! We will remove all and any hazardous bat guano contaminated insulation and replace it with brand new energy efficient insulation. Although Bats are beneficial to the environment they are a health hazard to have sharing your living space. Bat guano “bat poop” contain bacteria that can make humans very sick. Eliminate this hazard as soon as it is discovered.

Animal Control Solutions specialize in all types of Nuisance Wildlife Removal throughout Virginia including Nuisance Animal Removal, Wildlife Management and Pest Animal Control including specializing in Bat Removal, Bat Control, Bat Exclusions, Bats in the Attic, and Bat Guano Cleanup. We remove wildlife pests in a humane manor, clean up any animal feces and repair damages created by these nuisance animals. Animal Control Solutions is a full-service Bat Removal and Bat Control company servicing all of Central, Northern, and Shenandoah Valley Virginia. We can assist you with all types of problems caused by the Bats of Virginia, as well as all other Nuisance Wildlife of Virginia.

Richmond VA Bat Colonies

Arguably one of the most beneficial mammals in the world, bats come in many varieties. The two very common bats to Virginia are the Little Brown Bat and the Big Brown Bat. The Little Brown bat is the most common found colonized in homes around the Richmond Virginia area.We have found bat colonies in Richmond Virginia numbering any where from 25 to 800 and have heard of bat colonies with even more bats. Since bats are so environmentally beneficial, state and local law protects the bat species from the use of any kind of harmful and killing tactics. Therefore this animal has to be handled very carefully by a trained licensed Wildlife technician. Richmond Bat Exclusion is the only way to deal with a bat colony problem humanely. If you suspect you have bats, call us right away to take care of your Bat Exclusion!